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Fund Open Network Lab & ESG I Fund "Earthshot Fund"

Open Network Lab & ESG I Fund  "Earthshot Fund"

Our Vision

Open Network Lab & ESG Ⅰ Investment Limited Partnership

Open Network Lab ESG I Fund ("Earthshot Fund"), in conjunction with Japan's first seed accelerator, Open Network Lab ("Onlab"), which has been operating since 2010, will invest in startups both in Japan and abroad that have promising future prospects, with a focus on Onlab participants (applicants and adopters) as well as startups related to ESG. We also make follow-up investments in startups with high growth potential after execution of the investment. By utilizing the diverse resources and network of Onlab and Digital Garage, we will fully support the enhancement of corporate value of our investee companies’ businesses.

This fund is an ESG-focused fund that invests in sustainable next-generation startups with an emphasis on ESG by utilizing Onlab's portfolio, sourcing network, and the knowledge to foster the growth of startups. Combining Onlab's resources and expertise to invest in and support seed and early stage startups and ESG-related startups.

Support for startup businesses

Onlab, a seed accelerator founded in 2010, has produced successful startups that have gone on to IPOs, M&As, and unicorns. Onlab has built up a network and experience of these startups, which is used to support the businesses of new investee companies.

Collaboration with large corporations

Onlab operates an open innovation program that involves some of Japan's largest companies. Through the program, we create business opportunities for our investee companies, including PoC with large companies and product/service introductions to large companies.

ESG management and marketing support

There is a growing demand for ESG management in startups. The Fund partners with ESG investors globally to study cutting-edge ESG investment and management expertise. We support the introduction of ESG management and external marketing measures that are appropriate for the stage of each startup.

The Process

Open Network Lab Seed Accelerator Program

The fund collaborates with the Open Network Lab Seed Accelerator, a seed accelerator program operated by Digital Garage. The program not only sources outstanding startups, but also provides business support to accelerate the growth of startups.

Open Network Lab is available for investment and business consultation. If you are interested, please apply for Onlab Open Office Hour through the
Open Network Lab Seed Accelerator page.

Open Network Lab – Seed Accelerator

Investment and business support for Seed/Early in anticipation of global success

The Team

Please feel free to reach out regarding Open Network Lab & ESG I Fund "Earthshot Fund"