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Sapporo Innovation Fund

Our Vision

Sapporo Innovation Fund Investment Limited Partnership

Sapporo Innovation Fund was established by a collaboration between the city of Sapporo and bio-related companies in Hokkaido, aiming to further revitalize the bio-healthcare industry by leveraging their respective strengths. We support the business growth of startups in the bio-healthcare industry.

Since it takes a very long time from research to commercialization in the bio-healthcare industry, the fund could be used as a source of capital in the meantime to produce many results and contribute to the development of medical care and the creation of a healthy society in Hokkaido.

Industry-Government-Academia collaboration in Hokkaido

By promoting industry-government-academia collaboration and utilizing the technology and expertise of local companies and universities, we support startups with higher technological capabilities.

Management and marketing support

In addition to funding, we also provides support in development of management, marketing strategies, and recruiting human resources. To help startups develop their businesses more effectively and accelerate their growth, the Fund also serves as a partner that works with management to advance their businesses.

Market expansion strategy in healthcare

We have expertise in healthcare market trends and developments and provides the information and knowledge necessary to accelerate the growth of startups.

The Team

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